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Reviewing school design: What are the key things to think about when designing a school?

While at CABE, I helped to review over a hundred school schemes for Building Schools for the Future, Pathfinder projects, Academies and primary schools. Based on this unique overview of school design across England, I was involved in a number of publications and presentations to identify lessons learnt in school design. Here are a few of the projects that helped to identify the principles behind a good school design:

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Working with schools: What are the best ways to involve children and parents in the design of their schools?

The Mosaic Approach has received international attention as a ground-breaking method for working with schools on the design of their learning environments. Here are a few publications which reference the Ashmole Primary School design.

Safety and security in schools: How can we make schools that are beacons to the community and not fortresses?

I have worked with a variety of schools where safety and security in schools is a major issue. There are many concerns for schools: terrorism, child protection, arson and bullying. There are also related challenges for schools in terms of acoustics, ventilation, community use, building appearance, planning guidelines, school operations and school ethos. Through my experience at CABE and in practice, I learned about many different ways of using the school design to ensure that a school will be welcoming and inclusive yet safe and secure. I also contributed to guidance for Partnership for Schools, with case studies, to help schools find an appropriate balance seemingly conflicting technical issues while mitigating costs and risks.

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