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I provide advice and support to groups undertaking school projects to help translate their vision for education into an affordable, practical and inspiring place for learning and teaching. I bring with me experience in practice - particularly as an architect on one of the pilot parent-promoted schools - as well as an overview of school design across England, and the many lessons already learned.

How I can help you

  • Client advice that helps navigate the process
  • Feasibility of proposed buildings and site(s) against the proposed curriculum and pedagogy
  • Development of a strategy for the school’s growth and long-term sustainability as part of the business case
  • Creation of a comprehensive design brief, including curriculum analysis and schedule of accommodation
  • Workshops and training sessions with stakeholder groups, including parents, teachers, children and members of the local community
  • Liaison with government partners, consultants and contractors
  • Independent design review advice and quality control periodically or throughout the project
  • Advice that adds value

School design advice

School design is about more than providing space for your school. The design of the school is an important tool to promote students’ learning, recruit and support teachers and market your school to families - some of the key ingredients required to create an excellent school.

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Stakeholder engagement

Collaboration and participation are key to a successful school project. I can help you to engage parents, teachers, members of the community and, most of all, students in the development of the brief and design of the building using tested, trusted approaches to consultation. I can help you make the most of your most valuable resources and expertise - your students and staff. In addition, I can share with you key points about school design, and lessons learnt.

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Free schools consultancy

I have hands-on expertise of working with, developing and creating new schools. As the lead architect on JCoSS, one of the UK’s first parent-promoted schools, I worked closely with the parent group, the JCoSS Trust, the school community and consulting partners to nurture and deliver their school’s vision for learning. I also have experience in refurbishment, and have prepared guidance to highlight key strategies that schools should think about when reusing existing buildings. Recently I helped to establish events to support free schools on their journey ahead.

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