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As a member of Places and Spaces, I collaborate with a group of experienced and skilled architects, landscape architects and town planners.

We have particular skills in the design of learning environments (schools, colleges and universities) and living environments (regeneration projects, masterplanning neighbourhoods and the design of housing developments). We can advise on how to achieve design quality, project organisation and procurement options. We give advice to clients on how to get the best from their projects in terms of design, and we have organised and run many training courses and workshops on design skills. We frequently carry out design quality evaluations during the design stages of projects and after completion.

I am also working with on a 'learning exchange.' The learning exchange promotes dialogue between different school rebuilding programmes across the world - between developed and developing worlds. We are planning on launching our work through a symposium to be held in the new year.

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A member of the Places and Spaces Consortium:

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